Ortholive Founder Featured on the Get Off the Treadmill PodcastOrthoLive founder and CEO, Dr. Mike Greiwe, was featured on the Get Off the Treadmill Podcast  to share his journey with telemedicine and how it influences healthcare. 

Tune in to learn: 

  • How telemedicine can increase revenue and market share
  • Two key early steps to getting telemedicine started in your practice
  • Why telemedicine is so successful

What telemedicine allows you to do is get new patients in the door very easily. It’s getting that first touchpoint with patients so they don’t go elsewhere when they have a new problem. That’s probably the biggest thing that I see that telemedicine is doing is really allowing us to compete in a mobile world –  in a world where people want something done immediately. “ 

– Dr. Mike Greiwe

Listen to the podcast here: