OrthoForum Partners with OrthoLive to Provide New Stream of Referrals to Members

We are excited to announce that Michael Greiwe, M.D., the founder of OrthoLive, was recently a featured guest on the ShiftShapers podcast. During the episode, Dr. Greiwe delves into the approach to musculoskeletal (MSK) care through the power of telemedicine and explains how leveraging this technology can provide patients with the proper treatment and reduce unnecessary procedures.

Listen to Dr. Greiwe’s episode as he sheds light on this innovative approach revolutionizing MSK care and empowering patients in their medical journeys at the link below.

Full episode: https://www.shiftshapersonline.com/2045524/13073232-ep-461-revolutionizing-musculoskeletal-care-empowering-patients-with-dr-michael-greiwe