Client Quotes

“You guys were great. Wonderful experience. I wish I would have looked you guys up sooner and I sure will refer. Was so easy!”

Khristine, (Healthcare Professional)

“For the first time the doctor’s appointment is determined based on MY busy schedule and not the other way around.”

Kristin, (Working Professional)

“It’s like a technological house call. You don’t have to pick yourself up and go to the hospital– the doctor comes to you, Very excited about this.”

Charlie, (Healthcare Professional)

What People Are Saying

Real OrthoLive Client Testimonials

What People Are Saying

Real OrthoLive Client Testimonials

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Deliver ongoing support and guidance to patients through a connected patient experience powered by A.I. analysis and real-time feedback. With remote therapeutic monitoring OrthoLive combines continuous data, dynamic treatment and patient-reported feedback to facilitate care and improve outcomes.

Real-time Feedback and A.I. Analysis

Easily provide patients with pre- and post-operative exercises available from any device connected to the internet while collecting and monitoring valuable objective data to improve clinical insights, care team efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

Telemedicine Visits

Telemedicine Visits

Securely and efficiently see patients via our integrated HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform. Perfect for initial consults and post-operative visits, telemedicine appointments with OrthoLive streamline care, help providers see more patients in less time and increase revenue at your practice.

$150K Net Revenue Increase Annually For Practices Using OrthoLive

Visits can be performed via any web browser and we offer white-glove EHR integration services to make the platform as simple, secure and seamless as possible.

When a visit is scheduled, patients are notified via confirmation text and email messages. Before their visit, another message is sent with a link the patient can tap immediately launching their visit from a preferred browser, which is uniquely branded to your practice.

You can also easily search for any patient information within the OrthoLive provider dashboard without the need to manually add them.

Browser or App-Based Visit

Works with Any Browser

We know flexibility is key for patients and providers. With telemedicine appointments, patients have the choice of completing their appointment on your practice’s branded web portal compatible with most modern web browsers.

Start a Video Call Anywhere

For providers, workflow and options remain unchanged, so you can see patients from anywhere in the world on whatever device you’re comfortable using; and patients can use whatever browser on desktop or mobile works to avoid frustrating technical issues and delays.

Browser or App-Based Visit
Pre-Appointment Consent Forms

Pre-Appointment Consent Forms

Within our internet browser-based interface for virtual appointments, patients are required to complete their telehealth consent forms before an appointment can begin.

Built-In Consent forms

By having the requirement built-in, we save you time and energy tracking down consents when patients aren’t in the office. Consent forms are stored indefinitely on our system and easily available to export to any device as needed.

Patient Readiness Indicator

With the foolproof patient readiness indicator, know at a glance if all consent forms have been signed and patients are ready for their appointment.

Indicator When Patients Are Ready for Their Visit

A simple indicator light shows what patients on your schedule are waiting for the appointment to begin – meaning no more wasted time coaching a patient through the proper form authorizations or waiting around for patients to show up.

See Patients from Any Device

Laptops, Desktops, Tablets & Smartphones

See Patients from Any Device

Trusted by Orthopedic Practices From Coast to Coast

Automatic Appointment Tracking

Automatic Appointment Tracking

We use automatic appointment tracking to seamlessly keep a record of the date, time, and duration of every session so your team doesn’t have to worry about it.

Usable Data At Your Fingertips

All appointment logs are readily available for review and reporting at any time.

Forms and File Sharing

Forms and File Sharing

Securely send an unlimited number of forms, files, and photos to patients with ease.

Send Unlimited Files and Photos

Our HIPAA-compliant software ensures all forms and files shared will be sent securely. Now all patient education, pictures, links, and attachments can be sent directly to patients in seconds instead of minutes or even days.

Forms and File Sharing
Two-way Messaging

Two-Way Messaging

Whether using the browser or app, patients and your team can use our built-in two-way messaging feature to communicate via text in a secure, HIPAA-compliant way.

HIPAA-Compliant Secure Messaging

Messaging isn’t limited to just patients however. You and your team can also use our encrypted messaging technology to ensure all documented communication is HIPAA-compliant and available within our provider app.



As an account administrator, you can choose to allow patients to self-schedule using the app or restrict access so patients have to contact your office before scheduling.

Patients Can Book Themselves With Just a Few Clicks

The choice, and the flexibility, are yours and can be quickly adjusted to suit your needs.

Live U.S.- Based Support

Live U.S. – Based Support for Patients and Clients

That’s right. Our live U.S. based support is here to help your team and patients if they need assistance using OrthoLive. If a patient is having difficulty logging on, send them our way and avoid the lost time having one of your staff members search for a solution to their issue.

U.S. Support for Your Team & Patients

Our dedicated support team is here to help make the lives of your office and your patients as simple as possible.

EHR Integration

EHR Integration

EHR integration doesn’t have to be costly. With our integration partners, we’re able to plug directly into many of the top EHR systems for less than you may think.

Works with Most Major EHR Software

Integration allows notes, forms, and conversations to seamlessly upload directly into a patient’s chart on your EHR so you can reference all information in one place at any time.

EHR Integration

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