Release 2.0.0
October – 2023

This release brought some exciting improvements for both our customers and our medical teams.

The greatest enhancement our customers will see has to do with the integration of video functionality directly within the platform. This will give a better user experience and an overall streamlined process for joining appointments and connecting with their medical provider. Behind the scenes, that the customer will never see but will certainly feel the improvements, include modifications to the platform to work across multiple specialties, additional notifications and reminders of upcoming appointments, and improved episode information collection methods.

For our medical teams they receive enhancements to the appointment scheduling system as well as the benefits of the video integration. We improve the overall process of appointment scheduling, removing numerous steps that were previously required to book an appointment. These improvements will allow our teams to connect with their patients even faster, improving the quality of care and overall customer satisfaction. The video integration now allows our medical teams to speak with the patient on the same device while they are completing the medical evaluation.