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Remote Injury Care

Provide Employees Quick Access to the Highest Quality Care From Anywhere, Anytime.

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For Practices

EHR Integrated Telemedicine Platform Built to Improve Orthopedic Practice Revenue and Efficiency.

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About OrthoLive

More Than Just a HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Platform

As the world’s leading orthopedic virtual care platform, OrthoLive connects patients and employees to the orthopedic care they need from anywhere.

Founded by an orthopedic surgeon, OrthoLive provides convenient, secure access to care while increasing efficiency, revenue, and user satisfaction without a steep or unnecessary learning curve.

Our mission is to streamline orthopedic care so practices and employers can treat those in need quickly, safely, and, effectively.

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Patient Benefits

Simplified Access

Eliminate Travel Time

Treatment Available Anywhere

Easy Virtual Scheduling

Two-way Messaging

Practice Benefits

Increase Practice Efficiency

Maximize Provider Productivity

Increase Practice Revenues

Enhance Provider Work-Life Balance

Decrease Practice Overhead

Employer Benefits

Decrease Workers’ Compensation Claims

Reduce OSHA Recordables

Eliminate Travel Time

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Triage Injuries at the Job Site

Save Up to 80% on Workplace Injury Costs


Save Up to 80% on Workplace Injury Costs

Click here to see how companies are saving on their workplace injury costs.

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Client Quotes

“We use the OrthoLive Remote Injury Care program and it is excellent. It takes a lot of stress and anxiety off everybody to be able to do it right there as opposed to going to a hospital and sitting there for one or two hours before they’re seen.”

Daniel K.

(Director of Safety)

“We recommend all of our clients, whether you’re another safety company, whether you’re construction manager or large or small construction firm to use OrthoLive remote injury care program. It saves you time, it saves you money, it saves aggravation. Use OrthoLive, it will help you out.”

Shiron V.

(Health & Safety Consultant)

“Most PT appointments take weeks to set up if we go through urgent care, but OrthoLive changes all of that for our teams.  Just like in the big leagues, when a player gets injured, they don’t rush to an urgent care center, they see a trainer on the field.”

Tom G.

(Safety Director)

What People Are Saying

Real OrthoLive Client Testimonials

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What People Are Saying

Real OrthoLive Client Testimonials

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