OrthoForum Partners with OrthoLive to Provide New Stream of Referrals to Members

The OrthoForum, through its network arm, OrthoForum Value Network, and OrthoLive, has announced a partnership creating direct-to-employer contracting for OrthoForum and OrthoConnect member groups from OrthoLive’s employer network of more than 1,000,000 lives and 2,300+ locations who require in-person procedures, diagnostic testing, and surgeries. 

Founded by an orthopedic surgeon, OrthoLive’s musculoskeletal care solution provides employers with access to orthopedic experts 24/7/365 so they can receive the comprehensive musculoskeletal care they need from anywhere on any device.

When an in-person visit or surgery is required, OrthoLive now refers to top fellowship-trained specialists within close proximity to the injured employee.

“We’re extremely excited to roll out this partnership to OrthoForum Value Network members. In fact, in the last several days alone, we were able to send a handful of surgical cases to practices,” says Mike Greiwe, MD, founder and CEO of OrthoLive. “As a fellow orthopedic surgeon and member of OrthoForum myself, I understand that access to referrals is an invaluable asset for independent orthopedic practices that can take years to develop. The partnership is a win-win for practices and, most importantly, for patients that just want to get healthy again.”

Glenn Sumner, CEO of The OrthoForum, adds, “As The OrthoForum Value Network continues to build its nationwide delivery network, partnering with OrthoLive gives us a direct link to self-funded employers that seek convenient, affordable, and high-quality MSK care for their employees.”

OrthoLive has developed a unique 24/7/365 remote musculoskeletal clinic for employers large and small across the country—as the exclusive virtual musculoskeletal provider for a broad range of companies like Chewy.com, Bobcat, Meijer, Unilever, and Volvo, to name a few. For these companies and many more, OrthoLive is the first call employers, and employees make when MSK injuries occur.

Backed by a 96% satisfaction rating, OrthoLive offers OrthoForum Value Network providers reliable access to local referral sources, helping boost practice revenues while building their patient base.