Ortholive remote injury care's telemedicine for employers replaces ER visits with virtual medical care

Key Highlights:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders accounted for 30% of all workplace injuries in 2021.
  • Overexertion and repetitive strain consistently rank among the top causes of injuries on the job.
  • The total cost of work injuries in 2021 was $167 billion. This figure includes wage and productivity losses of $47.4 billion, medical expenses of $36.6 billion, and administrative expenses of $57.5 billion.

Employers today face immense challenges in safeguarding the health and well-being of their workforce amidst the hazards inherent in many work environments. 

With musculoskeletal disorders accounting for 30% of all workplace injuries in 2021, businesses must be strategic in mitigating risks and enhancing employee safety. Implementing robust preventive measures should be prioritized by employers, as overexertion and repetitive strain consistently rank among the top causes of injuries on the job

Such incidents not only endanger workers but also deal a major financial blow, with U.S. businesses losing $167 billion yearly to direct and indirect costs of workplace accidents. To help you prevent employee injuries and save on workplace safety costs, take a look at the data and tips below.

Ortholive remote injury care's telemedicine for employers offers onsite care for worksite injuries.

Proactive Measures to Enhance Workplace Safety

Fortunately, there are proven ways employers can proactively enhance workplace safety. Regular safety audits help identify hazards before they cause injury, reducing incident rates by up to 25%

Providing ergonomic tools and training slashes Musculoskeletal injury risk can be reduced by up to 50% when employers provide ergonomic tools and training. Above all, instilling a culture of safety where employees are empowered to take ownership of their well-being is key. 

When unsafe conditions are promptly reported and addressed, severe injuries can also be avoided. Remote injury care is also streamlining and speeding up workplace injury response, making it easier for employees to access care, specifically for musculoskeletal injuries.

Ortholive remote injury care's telemedicine for employers offers onsite care for injured employees

What the Data Says About Employee Injury Costs

Falls, trips, sprains, injuries from equipment, and repetitive motion injuries, in which a muscle or joint is damaged due to misuse, are the most common types of nonfatal construction sector events.

Statistics indicate how costly these accidents are: ordinary orthopedic on-the-job injuries account for one out of every six dollars spent on company healthcare. Worker’s compensation and healthcare costs can skyrocket as a result of these painful injuries, which can result in 10 or more days off per employee.

The 2023 Travelers Injury Impact Report offers valuable insights for businesses seeking to further refine their workplace safety strategies. Analyzing over 1.2 million workers’ compensation claims, the report highlights the significant role of an employee’s tenure and age in injury frequency and claim costs, respectively. 

New hires, particularly in their first year, account for a substantial portion of workplace injuries, underscoring the need for comprehensive onboarding and training programs focused on safety. Additionally, the report identifies common injury types and causes—such as overexertion and slips, trips, and falls—and provides actionable data for employers to target their preventive measures more effectively.

Ortholive remote injury care's telemedicine for employers offers onsite care for workplace injuries.

How Technology Can Enhance Employee Injury Recovery

New remote injury care programs demonstrate how technology can support employees’ physical recovery post-injury. Employees are able to easily access care from anywhere and navigate their recovery more effectively, potentially reducing overall recovery times and associated costs.

OrthoLive’s Stretch and Flex program takes prevention further, empowering workers with techniques to properly prepare their bodies for demanding tasks. Simple on-demand programs like this can also be accessed from anywhere and help with injury prevention.

With apps and video conferencing, employers don’t have to wait to talk to a care provider. Instead of waiting for hours in an ER to clear an injury, you can connect to a provider online at any time, getting a referral for follow-up and imaging.

Ortholive remote injury care's telemedicine for employers offers onsite care for workplace injuries.

How Companies Can Prevent Employee Musculoskeletal Injuries

When employee safety strategies combine with proactive, telemedicine delivery models such as OrthoLive remote injury care, businesses have a streamlined source to prevent injuries and expedite care for faster treatment. 

With insights from comprehensive reports, safety managers have a clear path towards keeping their employees safer and covered when injuries take employees out of the workforce. 

Workplaces leveraging these solutions create healthier, more resilient workforces while achieving significant reductions in injury rates and associated costs. When it comes to safeguarding their most valuable asset – their people – savvy employers are embracing innovation, from preventative measures and training to sophisticated recovery support tools.