How It Works

Developed by a team of musculoskeletal experts, OrthoLive Remote Injury Care uses a proprietary and comprehensive approach to prevent and treat the causes of chronic and acute MSK issues.

Live + On-Demand Treatment Programs

Address the root of MSK pain with personal one-on-one exercise plans, ergonomic assessments, and treatment strategies developed by our experts.

Coaches, Therapists & Orthopedic Physicians

Get your employees healthier, faster by connecting them to real therapists and enrolled in programs overseen by orthopedic doctors.

Progress Tracking and Reporting

Drive employee wellness and satisfaction with individualized progress tracking and reporting available wherever and whenever you are.

Live + On-Demand Classes and Resources

Employees can choose specialized “live” and “on-demand” health coaching or schedule individual meetings with a licensed therapist or athletic trainer.

Licensed mental health professionals are also available to help employees cope with depression, stress and anxiety that exacerbate MSK conditions. Our direct-to-employer MSK injury solution reduces your medical-related injury expenses and maximizes employee productivity.

Trusted by Employers Across the United States

Comprehensive MSK Approach

Remote Injury Care for MSK Injuries focuses on treating the whole employee.

Our multimodal approach treats the mind and the body to get employees back to work as quickly, safely, and mentally fit as possible.

Care At Every Injury Stage.

Our digital MSK solution offers care at every injury stage including prevention, chronic, acute and surgical rehabilitation.

Programs evolve as your employees improve. Our MSK experts educate them on ways to avoid future injuries.

MSK Conditions are Painful:

  • $1 in every $6 spent on healthcare by employers is due to MSK pain, making it one of your most expensive healthcare issues.
  • MSK issues can result in an average of 10+ days missed per employee and drive disability claims through the roof.
  • Pain killers and surgery, are costly and may limit an employee’s quality of life.

Pain Relief:

You can help employees treat chronic MSK pain without surgery (and save money in the process) with our turnkey implementation process.

  • OrthoLive Remote Injury Care addresses the underlying causes of chronic MSK pain while providing personalized, convenient care from anywhere.
  • Studies show that healthy employees can boost productivity and overall satisfaction while saving employers MSK-related injury costs.
  • Our turnkey solution, high client satisfaction ratings, and proven clinical outcomes translate to tangible cost savings almost immediately.

Our Outcomes By the Numbers

4.8/5 Patient Ratings

4.94/5 Client Ratings

MSK Treatment for Every Body.

Designed for all body types and fitness levels, our treatment programs work for all major issues across all industries.



Hand / Wrist



Lower Back



Client Quotes

“We use the OrthoLive Remote Injury Care program and it is excellent. It takes a lot of stress and anxiety off everybody to be able to do it right there as opposed to going to a hospital and sitting there for one or two hours before they’re seen.”

Daniel K.

(Director of Safety)

“We recommend all of our clients, whether you’re another safety company, whether you’re construction manager or large or small construction firm to use OrthoLive remote injury care program. It saves you time, it saves you money, it saves aggravation. Use OrthoLive, it will help you out.”

Shiron V.

(Health & Safety Consultant)

“Most PT appointments take weeks to set up if we go through urgent care, but OrthoLive changes all of that for our teams.  Just like in the big leagues, when a player gets injured, they don’t rush to an urgent care center, they see a trainer on the field.”

Tom G.

(Safety Director)

What People Are Saying

Real OrthoLive Client Testimonials

What People Are Saying

Real OrthoLive Client Testimonials

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