The foundation of workplace health and safety is rooted in teamwork. While businesses may establish the guidelines and bear the legal responsibilities, it’s ultimately up to the employees, the frontline defenders, to adhere to these procedures and maintain safety at work. However, within your team, one person can make a huge difference in workplace safety.

Recognizing the critical role each employee plays in this dynamic, it’s essential not only to follow safety guidelines but also to actively contribute to fostering a healthy work environment.

With the help of Chris Unkraut, MHA ATC CSCS, VP of Healthcare Services at OrthoLive, this interview takes a deeper look into the current state of workplace safety and how individual employees can significantly influence culture, as well as the collective well-being of your company.

About Chris Unkraut:

Chris Unkraut, MHA ATC CSCS, is the Vice President of Healthcare Services at OrthoLive. His unique blend of expertise in health and safety, coupled with his leadership in various employee initiatives, positions him as a key influencer in promoting and developing robust safety cultures within the workplace. His insights are especially relevant to safety managers and leadership aiming to navigate the complexities of company-wide safety policies.