How much does it cost?
Pricing depends on the state you are in and the functionality options you choose for your practice.  Please contact us for details.
Are telemedicine visits reimbursed by insurance carriers?

36 states have parity laws – Medicare/Medicaid State dependent

Please contact us to discuss the specifics of the state(s) you practice in.

How can you possibly do an orthopedic evaluation without touching the patient?

The vast majority of routine orthopedic problems can be (at least) INITIALLY diagnosed and treated without touching the patient.

Medicine is highly repetitive and histories are predictable - Orthopedics is no different.

How long does it take you to see a typical patient?
Average actual patient treatment time for providers on OrthoLive is less than 6 minutes.
Medical Malpractice Insurance:

You should definitely check with your med/mal carrier and inform them you will be bringing Telemedicine into your practice.

Most carriers we have spoken to have said they will NOT increase med/mal coverage pricing for existing patients.

Some carriers have stated there might be a small increase in coverage amounts if you are going to use telemedicine to see new patients.

We recommend you limit visits to non-emergent conditions for treatment and any condition noted to be urgent or emergent be told to proceed for an in-person visit.  This still accomplishes the "first touch" and patient capture to your practice.

Where are you hosted?

AWS (Amazon Web Services): HIPAA compliant data communications

ARMOR – secure data housing network of services

Why can’t I just use Skype or FaceTime?
Neither of those platforms use HIPAA compliant video communication
How do patients access the Provider?

Patients can access through smart phone, or mobile device.

Ortholive is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems

Connectivity:  The better the Wi-Fi connection the better the video chat stream will work

Elderly Patients can’t/won’t use it

You would be surprised how tech savvy older patients are and the ease of use of the Ortholive Application helps.  The patient literally receives and opens a text, clicks a link, logs in, then answers a phone call.  It’s that easy.  Lastly, a lot of elderly patients have family members or caregivers who are usually available to help out

How much does it cost a patient?

There is NO cost to the patient for App use – free download

The practice bills the medical insurance carrier just as if the patient were in-office for a visit. The same patient responsibility applies

Can you interface – EMR/EHR integration:
  • Yes, we have the ability to interface with your EMR/EHR
  • You don’t need to interface to see existing patients
  • Think of OrthoLive as your virtual exam room – you simply log in from your desktop or laptop on a web-browser.  All other systems you would normally access are right there, as well - EMR, PACS, etc..
  • You simply dictate or type notes into your EHR as you would if patient was in the room
How do I bill with for Telemedicine?
You will use the same codes as if the patient was in-office for the visit, but you must preface the code with a G.  For example,
    • An established visit would be G9921x (x=1,2,3,4,5) for telemedicine
    • A new patient visit would be G9920x (x=1,2,3,4,5) for telemedicine
For the note, the provider must state where the patient was located at the time of the visit , where the provider was located, and that the visit was a telemedicine visit.
What level visit can I get to through Telemed?
  • Visits are billed based on History, Physical Exam and Medical Decision-Making bullets
  • A post-op visit is in the 90-day global period and is not reimbursed
  • In an established visit, where imaging is being reviewed, two of the three bullets must be met. 
  • In an MRI recheck, the physical exam does not need to be performed for billing to occur.
  • If a regular established patient visit occurs, billing must occur as per normal. 
  • Telemedicine allows for adequate physical examination of range of motion, palpation, neurovascular examination, and inspection. 
  • Special tests and instability examination can be more challenging, but bullet points may be checked using basic physical examination.
Why not use an asynchronous platform?
  • OrthoLive allows for asynchronous (chat – text) and synchronous communication, but focuses around synchronous (live video).
  • We believe the benefit to the synchronous (video conferencing) platform is the trust built with face-to-face interaction and the ability to pay attention to non-verbal communication cues.
What are the recommendations for connectivity for patients and providers?
  • Wi-Fi is recommended for all users, but not required.
  • The platform functions on 3G and 4G wireless signal

How is data kept secure?
Data is kept secure using secure HIPAA-compliant servers and during the transmission process, the data is 256-bit encrypted.