What is Telemedicine?
Telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare over modern communication methods. In the case of OrthoLive, this is done with HIPAA compliant secure video chat.
How Common is Telemedicine?
In 2013 there was 350,000 visits using telemedicine. In 2018 it is projected that 7 million patients will use telemedicine.
Is OrthoLive secure? HIPAA compliant?
Yes. OrthoLive uses HIPAA compliant video that is also utilized by other leading telemedicine providers and NASA.
What are Patient Benefits of Telemedicine?
Simplified Access, Eliminate Travel Time, Can be seen/treated from anywhere, Easy Virtual Scheduling
Do I need WiFi?
WiFi is not required but highly recommended. You will need the ability to connect to the internet, so if you do not have WiFi at your location you will need a mobile device with LTE, 4G or 3G service.
How much does it cost?
The visit is billed to your insurance and coverage is the same as if you were in the office for an in-person visit.
What type of devices can I use?
iOS and Android devices
How can you diagnose a problem over telemedicine?
It is estimated that over 70% of initial injuries can be diagnosed via telemedicine.
What type of treatment can you provide over telemedicine?
Your provider can order testing such as MRI, CT, Electrodiagnostic studies (EMG/NCS) and X-rays. Treatment can ordered such as injections, physical or hand therapy, prescription medications and bracing.
Can I use my HSA account?
You can use your HSA account just as you would for a visit in the doctor’s office.
How long does the visit last?
Visits typically last less than 10 minutes