Ortholive Founder Featured on the Agile World PodcastOrthoLive founder and CEO, Dr. Mike Greiwe, was featured on the Agile World Podcast to share his journey with telemedicine and how it influences healthcare.

Tune in to listen:

  • Dr. Greiwe’s story on how he started OrthoLive
  • How technological innovation can help all businesses adapt to our times
  • The importance of understanding your patients when it comes to adapting to our times

“Telemedicine, as a physician, you have to see patients in a rapid-fire order and there are a lot of patients to be seen. For me, it was making sure that I took really good care of my patients but also being able to see them in an expeditious fashion and I was looking for a platform that would do that.” – Dr. Mike Greiwe.

Listen to the podcast here: 

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