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OrthoLive Founder Featured on ABC9 Cincinnati News

Posted by Admin | April 17, 2020 |

ABC9 in Cincinnati shares how OrthoLive is helping orthopaedic practices around the country keep the lights on and avoid employee layoffs while allowing providers to see patients from anywhere. 

OrthoLive founder and CEO, Dr. Mike Greiwe, was featured on the ABC9 Cincinnati News to discuss how doctors are using telemedicine to curb the spread of COVID-19 while still providing access to care for patients.  

He says that many offices are struggling to stay open in some cases because the volume of patients scheduling in-office visits has decreased dramatically thanks to the stay-at-home orders facing many parts of the country.

That’s where telemedicine comes in, allowing doctors to provide care and patients to stay home thanks to virtual one-on-one visits with apps like OrthoLive and SpringHealthLive.  

“Pretty much anything you might want to do in the physician’s office you can do virtually. It allows for that communication back to forth and you’re seeing that patient face-to-face. Now it’s really about taking great care of patients and making sure everyone is able to stay safe,” says Dr. Greiwe. “I think it’s changed quite a lot. Telemedicine is now a necessity really."

Read the full story here or watch below:


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