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OrthoLive Announces Connectivity Partnership with ELLKAY In Response to Expanding Telemedicine Community

Posted by Admin | May 5, 2020 |

ELMWOOD PARK, NJ – (Apr. 27, 2020) – OrthoLive, the nation’s leading orthopedic telemedicine provider, has announced a partnership with ELLKAY, LLC, a leader in healthcare connectivity since 2002, to enhance interoperability and improve efficiencies for providers who use the OrthoLive application to provide telemedicine services.Copy of OrthoLive Blog Post featured image (8)-1

Telemedicine has experienced a rapid increase in demand due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. According to an American Hospital Association IT supplement survey, 76% of US Hospitals are fully or partially implementing a computerized telehealth system, up from just 35% in 2010. OrthoLive sought integration between its OrthoLive app and its providers’ electronic medical records systems.

ELLKAY is a nationwide leader in healthcare connectivity and has made interoperability a top priority since 2002. This partnership allows providers to pull all pertinent information from an electronic medical record into the telehealth app, making for a seamless telehealth visit for both the provider and patient. ELLKAY has successfully integrated electronic medical records to hospitals and health systems, laboratories, radiology systems, financial systems, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation facilities, and registration and scheduling systems.

“We are proud interoperability experts” said Gurpreet (G.P.) Singh, Vice President of Interoperability Solutions at ELLKAY. “We are focused on solving interoperability for our partners so that they can focus on their core business along with creating better user experience for the providers and ultimately improve patient care.”

Dr. R. Michael Greiwe, orthopedic surgeon and founder of OrthoLive said, “We are focused on improving patient outcomes by increasing access to leading-edge care while offering tremendous value, opportunity, and dependability. Having ELLKAY as an interoperability partner allows us to increase efficiencies and improve the provider experience.”

ELLKAY’s solutions are focused on bringing partners together to increase interoperability for hospitals, health systems, laboratories, payers, vendors, and ambulatory care settings.

About OrthoLive

OrthoLive is the world’s first orthopaedic telemedicine provider. Built by orthopedists for orthopedists, the OrthoLive communication platform provides convenient, secure access to video-based patient care, while increasing efficiency, practice revenue, and patient satisfaction for providers. Founded in 2017, the app-based platform has expanded to become a comprehensive asynchronous patient and provider communication tool used by some of the largest independent orthopaedic practices in the country. For more visit


ELLKAY is a recognized healthcare connectivity leader, providing solutions and services nationwide. With 18 years of industry experience, ELLKAY empowers hospitals and health systems, diagnostic laboratories, healthcare IT vendors, payers, and other healthcare organizations with cutting-edge technologies and solutions. With over 50,000 practices connected, ELLKAY’s system capability arsenal has grown to over 700+ EMR/PMS systems across 1,100+ versions.


Contact: Ajay Kapare, 201-808-9128

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