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New OrthoLive Features: Browser-based Visits, Delete Users and New Support Phone Number

Posted by Admin | June 1, 2020 |

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OrthoLive has new features and fixes that will improve the patient and provider experience. 

1. Browser-based Visits

Established patients can now use Chrome or Firefox web browsers instead of the app for their appointments. The latest versions of mobile and desktop Google Chrome, Windows Edge and Mozilla Firefox work, meaning patients can use their desktop, laptop, tablet or phone for their appointment. Internet Explorer is not supported at this time. 

Patients can visit to start a browser-based visit.

Nothing changes on the provider side, it’s simply easier for more patients to take advantage of a telemedicine appointment.

Download the App Tip Sheet

Download the Browser Tip Sheet

2. Delete Users

There is now a new “delete user” functionality live for administrators inside the dashboard. Press the delete icon on the right side of the screen under “Actions” to permanently delete a patient record from the system.

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3. MAs Now Have Chat Function Enabled

Medical assistants now have the chat function inside of OrthoLive allowing them to communicate with providers and patients via messages.

4. New Support Phone Number

Did you know our entire support team is U.S.-based? To reach them, please call (833) 735-0097 effective immediately. The previous number is no longer valid. 

Reminder: you can direct patients to call the number as well if they’re having issues logging in for their appointment.

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